Thursday, 31 May 2012

Medieval Antiqued Box by Deborah

I recently bought some nesting box ‘blanks’-  made I think, from a very lightweight balsa wood -  from a discount store. I covered them in roughly torn and crinkled pieces of lightweight aluminium tape (similar to Ranger Metal Foil Tape Sheets).
I then ran a Pitch Black Adirondack Paint Dabber over the foil to give it an aged look, wiping most of it off before it dried. Where I was a little heavy handed with the black paint, I simply swiped over it with Encore Ultimate Metallic Ink.
Next I applied fake studs with Cosmic Shimmer Black Pearl PVA.  It looks so easy when Sue Wilson does it on television but I found it quite hard to keep them a uniform size. This might have been down to both the shiny surface and the curve of the lid, plus the hot weather. Once I had put the PVA in the fridge for 15 minutes or so, it became easier to use. Once the PVA had set, I swiped the metallic ink over the studs.
Next I rolled out some polymer clay using a poly roller. I used black oven-bake clay but air dry clay would work just as well. Any colour will do because you can paint or ink it. I cut into it with a spade shaped metal clay cutter and pressed a TPC Studio Fleur De Lys stamp into the clay. I then swiped the metallic ink lightly over the surface before curing. I glued my fleur de lys onto the box lid with silicone glue.
I chose to work with black and silver because that’s what I had to hand and I think it would make a great gift box for those ‘difficult’ men. But the box would look equally good with a rusty, bronze or verdigris finish – just change your paint and ink colours accordingly.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Halloween Card by Mandy C

What I used:

Black Card Blank
Spiderweb stencil

  • Make your background using the white card and acrylics. Once dry, use the stencil and spritz through it. Leave to dry.
  • Cut piece of card smaller than the card blank.
  • On the remaining painted background, stamp out the bottles from the Paperartsy set and the moth. Cut out.
  • Attach the bottles evenly across the bottom of the card.
  • Stamp moth onto the card at an angle, then attach the cut out moth on top of that to add dimension.
  • The quote I used is from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Computer generated, printed and coloured to match the card.
  • Attach the painted card to the card blank.
  • Use white pen to highlight areas.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Butterfly Bookmark by Mandy C

Crafty Individuals Stamp ~ CI347
Black Card

  • Using a scraper paint acrylic onto some white card. Leave to dry.

  • Cut out a piece 18 x 5 cm. 

  • Using Black Archival, stamp the butterflies into the centre of the bookmark.

  • Stamp a set of butterflies on some of the remaining background card. Cut individual butterflies out.  

  • Stamp the swirl from the Mini Ornates set at the top and the bottom of the bookmark. 

  • Attach the individual butterflies to the bookmark with foam pads or silicone to add a bit of dimension. 

  • Edge the bookmark with Charcoal chalk ink and then attach to a slightly larger piece of black card. 

  • Finish off by attaching some matching colours of rhinestones.


Monday, 28 May 2012

Triptych Arch by Paula Tidman

I used my favourite Lynne Perrella stamps for this project. I thought they would work well with the new Tando Triple Arch Layered Frame.

I painted the three central panels in a cream matt emulsion - Fresco Finish would be perfect too. I then stamped the images with Archival ink and coloured with Inktense pencils. I used gold crackle paint on the frame and sprinkled on a few loose beads for interest.

Finally, I used matte medium to glue the layers together. I find this medium very useful as a really strong glue for chipboard, as well as protecting and sealing my projects.


Saturday, 26 May 2012

The British Gent Card by Alan Scott

This card was made from another stunning set of stamps by IndigBlu called Pomp and Pagentry. This again was a set of stamps that I have had for a while but didn't quite know what to do with it. So the other day, I decided to pull the set out of my storage box. I first thought about layering the Union Flag as a geometric design. However, it didn't quite overlap when I tested it out on scrap paper. Well then I had a happy accident! No doubt we all have done this - I inked up the stamp and was about to stamp but I dropped it. After a few choice words, I picked up the stamp and then it hit me - it looked interesting! So with a fresh sheet of A4 photocopy paper, I started to stamp randomly and the card started to take shape! 


One 8”x 8” card blank
Memento Ink Pad Lady Bug Vintage Photo and Pumice Stone Distress Ink
Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad
Tim Holtz Distress Markers Fired Brick & Faded Jeans
Versafine Smokey Grey Ink Pad
3 Sheets of A4 good stamping card
Water Brush
Optional Friskars Paper Edgers Deckle
Soft Large Make Up Brush
Normal crafting items like scissors, craft knife, good paper glue 


This card is built up using 4 printing elements. The background, flags, Big Ben and the male topper. The thing they will all have in common, is they will db distress by using the Vintage Photo Ink Pad.
The background is made up in 2 stages, Firstly, stamp the Union Flag using the Smokey Grey Ink Pad, don't worry if you're going to overlap a little - all you want to do is cover an A4 sheet. We want to do an A4 so that we can then pick the 8inch square that's the best.
After the flag layer has been done, the next stage is to take the lion stamp and then stamp over the card base using your eye to make up an combined image. You want a good mix of them both - not just one being overpowered by the other.
Then when dry, pick out the best 8 inch square, trim roughly and then place onto the card base. When it's secured, take your craft knife and metal edge ruler and trim all sides so that it's flush.
Next step is to stamp the male figure. Once you have stamped it, take your water brush and gently go over it and blend in any areas that are not totally black. Place aside till completely dry.
Taking the Big Ben stamp and the Lady Bug ink, stamp out 4 images. Place to one side to dry.
Taking the cleaned Union flag and your marker pens, colour the respective colours using the markers. After you have stamped out 2 Union Flags place to one side.
You need to cut close all around the Male stamped image. Take your time and just relax when you're doing this. When you have finished, using the Vintage Photo and a soft make up brush, gently cover the image lightly to give a slight tint. Then, with a blending brush/foam pad go over the edges to give a deeper hue. This is done to all of the parts of the card after they have been cut out.
If you don't have any deckled edge scissors, then just distress the edges before you colour the edges.
The 4 Big Ben images go in each corner. The Union Flags go in the top centre just overlapping a little. The male figure is the last to be secured into place. Gently fold the image to make a mound and fill the centre with a good strong glue and secure into place.
There you have it, a Festive feeling card perfect for a Male Birthday.
Any questions, please ask away.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Lynne Perrella Bookmark by Mandy C

What I Used:

Kaisercraft Clear Stamp - Wood Grain 
Black card
Pale Turquoise card

  • Take a piece of pale turquoise card, cut out a strip measuring 19 x 5 cm.
  • Stamp the wood grain stamp over it so the wood grain in going vertically.
  • Stamp images from the Lynne Perrella collection onto thin white card. Colour with watercolours.
  • Make a collage of them on the bookmark. Once you are happy, glue them down.
  • Edge the bookmark with Charcoal chalk ink.
  • Attach to a piece of black card that is slightly larger than the bookmark ...... I cut the top of mine into a point as it looks different.
  • Use red gemstones to make the crown more regal and the star pop.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Poppy Meadow Card by Alan Scott

Like most crafters, I don't throw anything away. This includes those acetate packets that the That Special Touch Masks arrive in, they are very clear and well worth saving!
When stamp set Poppy Meadow by IndigoBlu arrived, I knew what I wanted to do - all those saved acetate sleeves are going to be used.
One thing that you have to remember, is that the best ink to use when stamping on this type of surface is StazOn. However, this type of ink is not recommended when you're using clear stamps. You can use them but be extra careful and make sure you clean them right away with a recommended cleaner. The same can be said for rubber stamps but they tend to be able to take that bit more.


StazOn Jet Black Ink Pad Poppy Meadow Stamp
StazOn Stamp Cleaner
1 clean acetate sleeve
Anti-Static Bag
A5 Silver Mat Card
A4 Made up Basic White Card
Backing Paper of your choice
1 length of ribbon plus 1 smaller length just to add to the bow
Silver peel off lines style
2 hat pins with added beads (if plastic don't worry about colours apart from white - read on ........)
Sharp craft knife and a steel edged ruler
Selection of ProMarkers to colour the Poppy
Normal items from our crafting box


First thing you need to do, is take your anti-static bag and give the surface of the acetate a good coating, then just gently woft (crafting term ....... To wave gently in the air while singing a fav. song!). Then taking the stamp, carefully stamp the image.
Now I know you have heard me go on and on about my fav stamping item but in this style of stamping, where you need to be firm and not to make even the slightest of smudges, the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press once again, came into it's own. I was able to make an impression and then remove the acetate sleeve, without any smears or smudges. As you can see, I have stamped a base image and then carefully placed the main poppy image over the base image.
At the same time, take some acetate that is the same and make another impression from any of the stamps you're using at that time - you don't have to be perfect about this one. This is going to be used so that you can test if the ink has dried. After all, you don't want to smudge your image! Place aside to leave the impression to air dry.
Next job is to secure your choice of paper onto the made up A4 card. To do this, place double sided tape onto the white card (all sides and down the middle is my preference). Remove the top layer covering the tape and on the sides and middle, just remove to half way. Now then, here is what I do and it gives me some "wiggle" time. Take a glue stick tube and place just a thin layer over the uncovered tape. This will allow you to move your backing paper a little and this in return gives you time to make sure all edges meet. When you're happy, secure into place and then remove the middle and sides. If the ink still does not look dry, we can cut out the aperture for the front of the card.
Take a sheet of A4 photocopy paper - we are going to use this as a template. Using the spare acetate sleeve, carefully measure where the overall stamped image will be. Then move in approx. 1cm on each line, to make the cut out smaller. By doing this, we can make sure that the image can be placed and we can make sure the image is balanced. When you're happy with the the size of the cut out, transfer the dimensions onto the inside of the front of the card. Always make sure your aperture is right - you can only cut the front of the card once. Carefully cut the aperture out and then place to one side. By now, the stamped image should be ready for the next step.
After you have selected your ProMarkers, turn the acetate sleeve over so that you colour on the reverse side. Place it on some scrap paper, so that you protect the stamped image, as it can be removed if you're ‘heavy handed’. When you're colouring, take your time and make small movements, as in some cases the saturation can be a little faint in some areas. When that’s done (as it's an alcohol pen, it will dry almost right a way), take your silver mirror board and carefully secure it by using a very thin double sided tape. Then the next stage is to secure onto the card, again using a thin strong double sided tape.

I cheated with the ribbon and bow, as the bow was made separately. If you crinkle up the main ribbon where the ribbon is going to be, it does look as if you have done it in one length. To do this, just take a length of string/cotton and make a knot to bring them in. Secure into place with a good glue dot or some strong clear glue. After I made the bow, I took a complimentary ribbon and just threaded into the centre of the bow and then tucked in the ends back in. It was secured into place with strong clear glue and the two hat pins were added. I used cheap Pony beads here. To colour them, I just used white ones and then selected a matching ProMarker and coloured the bead.
Job Done!
Any questions, please send me a message and I will do my best to answer your message asap.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Travel Postcard Card by Mandy C

What I used:

Distress Inks ~ whichever colours you like
Old book page

  • Stamp the balloon and Octopode Winston onto some thick card. Colour with watercolour pencils. Once dry cut out.
  • Take your old book page and colour using the Distress inks. Dry with a heat tool. Attach to a card.
  • Do some dry brush painting with acrylics to make it more distressed.
  • Stamp the wings from the Tim Holtz Mini Ornates set in Coffee Archival at the top of the card.
  • Arrange the balloon and Winston on the card and adhere.
  • Using black Archival and the postcard stamp, stamp twice.
  • Using contrasting chalk ink, ink through the punchinella at random places on the card.
  • Edge with a dark colour chalk ink.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Butterflies over a Meadow Card by Alan Scott

This stamp was from another great set of stamps by IndigoBlu called Poppy Meadow. It's another set of high quality stamps that can be used for any occasion.  


A4 white made up cardA5 silver mirror card
A5 stamping card 
Big and Juicy Foliage Stamp Pad
2 lengths ribbons (different styles)
That Special Touch A4 Mask – Autumn Leaves
Sanding Block Sheet of Coredinations Card (if you don't have any of this style then any brown paper will do - just be careful when scuffing the face of the card)
With this card you do need to have the Grand Calibur, however don't let this put you off. I'm sure that crafters will find a way round most ideas and tips!
Spellbinders Label's Die
A Spellbinders Butterfly Die
A5 greaseproof paper
A5 Vellum Paper in various colours
Walnut StainVintage Photo Distress Ink PadsBlending
Water Brush
Normal crafting items 


As you know, I speak very highly of the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press and it came into its element when I wanted to stamp this image 


As I was going to use Big and Juicy, I had to have the stamp placed onto a large surface that could be inked and then stamped. This crafting item lets me do thats and then stamp and place the image without having to panic and make a stamped image that is not 100%! With the Big and Juicy, you have to place the pad onto the stamp and press.
Once I had stamped the image, I took my water brush and just did a little touch up to make sure the stamp had stamped all over, then I placed aside to dry.
When it comes to making the backing sheet, I will hold my hands up and say that I don't use what I don't have to! So taking the right size of die and then one several sizes smaller, I cut out the silver backing card, saving the middle for another project later.  
The card face was made by placing the A4 Mask on the base platform for the Caliber then the paper was placed onto the mask. An embossing mat was then placed on top of the card followed by the recommended top plate. Now that I had my backing paper, I took my sand paper block and started to distress the card. As it is a Coredinations card, it has a middle core that's a complimentary colour.
While my machine was out, I took the opportunity to make up the butterflies. This time I did a sandwich of grease-proof paper and the vellum. I was going to use the grease-proof paper as a bottom layer to give the card some depth. This was then secured onto the A4 card base by using a strong double sided tape. I placed it onto my crafting desk so I could work out the placement of all the components. I do this before I take the final step and secure into place.


I had to next decide where the butterflies were to go. So with a soft pencil, I made a mark on the card front. I did this so I could with the aid of my blending sponge, lay a thin layer of ink to give a shadow effect under the butterflies. I used a bit of scrap card but I did not throw the butterflies away, they were placed into my crafting box to use at a later date.

DSCN1058  DSCN1059

All I then had to do was to construct the card.
I hope that this card gives you some fresh ideas?

Any questions, please send me a message and I will do my best to help you.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Charlie Chaplin ~ Pink is the new Black Card by Mandy C

Materials Used:

Long thin card blank ~ mine was 7cm x 21cm 
  • Take the card blank and colour around the edge with the same colour you are going to colour Charlie in.
  • Using an A4 piece of card, stamp randomly all over using the Dreamer set (or any other set that has lots of elements).
  • Stamp Charlie out onto some thin card, colour him in (I used pink because it’s different) and cut him out.
  • Find a piece on the collage card you just made that you think will compliment Charlie. Cut out a piece of card 6cm x 19.5 cm. Edge with Charcoal chalk ink. Attach to the card blank.
  • Attach Charlie.
  • Use a quote...
  • et Voila!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sk8rboi - Card for a Teenager by Deborah

I stamped Kaisercraft Vintage Fence with Adirondack Pitch Black Paint Dabber (clean your stamp immediately!). I stamped the image again, in dye ink (any colour) onto post-it notes and cut round it to make a mask. Then using the Pitch Black paint again, I stamped Kaisercraft Vintage Graffiti above it.

Once the paint was dry, I coloured the stamped images with Distress Stains in Barn Door, Faded Jeans and Wild Honey.

I was tempted to leave things there, as it looked pretty good to me. However, I wanted to play up the urban theme. Now I don’t have any suitable stamps, so I looked through the clip art in Microsoft Word until I found this photograph of a skateboarding teenager.

Using my image editing software, I digitally removed the background and applied the Threshold filter to create a silhouette then printed it out onto copy paper. I dabbed the Wild Honey and Faded Jeans Distress Stains around the edges then tore carefully round the image, edging it with a black Promarker, and glued it on with a glue stick.


Friday, 18 May 2012

Manila Tag by Alan Scott

I had this stamp in my collection for a month or two. It's a stamp from Lost Coast Designs called 3 Flying Flower Girls.
I have been playing around in some die cutting software and during this time I designed a large tag that's available for download here. When I was looking at the tag I had cut out, I knew what stamp in my collection would make an interesting image. However, to make it stand, I didn't want to start making a flap at the back that had to be cut out, etc. The cats were playing with an old toilet tube. Then it hit me. THERE WAS MY CARD STANDING UNIT! All I had to do was flatten it a little and secure with double sided tape!

To cut out the tag - all I used was a manila folder. These are a great source of strong card that can be used to build up with other crafting stash. They are also cheap if you shop around!


Manila folder, toilet tube & old shoe lace
DYE based ink 
Selection of Gelly Roll Pens ie: Gold, Glitter, Gloss (aim for colours close to the ProMarkers you are using)
Fine tip marker Pens in complimentary colours
Phrase stamp of your choice (I used a set of separate letters stamps)

Distress Inks for edging - I used Rusty Hinge, Vintage Photo and Weathered Wood
Pointy end tool to make the stitched holes
our normal crafting stash items ie double sided tape, scissors, pricking mat, heat gun


Firstly you will need to download the folder file here. The folder contains files that are easy to use in Sure Cuts A Lot 2 and 3, eCraft Pro and Silhouette Studio. I have also included a PNG and JPEG file that will allow crafters who do not have a die cutting machine. Just print out and then use it as a template.
The Mmnila folders do come in several colours, however they do tend to be flat colours. I tend to buy the buff or tan coloured ones in bulk.
Place the card into your cutting machine and press cut after you have loaded the file. There you have it, a large tag that can also be made smaller - it's up to you as it's a freebie!
One of the most important tools I have in my collection of must haves, are two stamping frames from Friskars called 'Easy Stamp Press'. They make stamping so easy (this will be shown again in the next project I'm doing where your stamping has to be done very, very carefully!).
Take the stamp and then using a DYE based ink (I have used Memento Tuxedo Black), stamp onto the tag. If you're going to use water based colouring mediums, then you will need an OIL based ink pad like VersaFine. Press quite hard, as the manila folder does drink the ink as it's quite porous. It's best to give the stamped image a quick blast with your heat gun just to to 'fix' it. You can also at this time while your inking, stamp your wording.
Now it's time to play!!!!!
Taking the colouring method of your choice, start to colour in. When I had finished the colouring of the stamped image, I highlighted the image with my Gelly Roll pens and started to give some gloss or glitter to the wings, legs, boots etc. Also to give a strong high light, I used some fine nibbled felt pens. They can give a nice line and confirm an area of colour.
The final part of the tag building is the fake stitching. Take your time using an old mat or just several layers of paper (an old phone book is perfect for this!). Go round the edge not being to perfect. After all it's got to look hand stitched. When you have done this, take a Gelly Roll Pen or a Marker Pen and go round the holes to make it look like thread. Saying that, if you're happy then you can take a needle and thread and go round using that method. It's what ever you're comfortable with. After all crafting is fun and not a period of labour lol.
Now then the toilet roll …. Turn the tag over and find the centre of it and draw a faint line down the centre. Take the roll and flatten it a little. When you do, you will find that the roll will dip in to a dome in the centre of it. Using this as the centre of the roll, secure some strong double sided tape onto the tag. Then using a ruler, turn onto it's side and then butt up to the base of the tag, place the roll onto the tag. Using the ruler as a base this way, you should find it easier to get the roll level and it will stand up and not fall down when stood up.
There you have it a stylish tag made up from a used toilet roll and a office stationary item. As they say ……
Hope you have fun and enjoy using the file. Any problems send me a message and l will do my best to help you out.
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